We know there are a ton of real estate sites and apps to search on, so let us tell you why ours is better:

  • You get to stay connected with YOUR agent. You don’t have to worry about contacting each individual agent for every property you are interested in. With 1 click of the button you are connected directly to us.
  • The app also gives you deep, detailed and unique insight into neighborhoods. Until now, this capability has been absent from the industry, which organizes around MLS boundaries (arbitrary and unrelatable to consumers). Or ZIP codes, which tend to be so large and contain such distinct pockets that they are largely inaccurate.  The “Neighborhoods” feature changes that by showcasing almost every available neighborhood in the United States. With a swift swipe, consumers can see what it’s like to live in a neighborhood (lifestyle trends, report cards of nearby schools, commute times to popular destinations, etc.) and access up-to-date real estate market data. This gives you the context you need to make the most informed decision about what matters most.
  • WE DON’T SELL YOUR INFORMATION! This is huge. Keller Williams will not share your information with 3rd parties. 

Ready to check it out? http://app.kw.com/KW2MXLPHR